Deutscher Kinderverein e.V. has been working for children’s rights since it was founded in 2012. Its work revolves around Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which clearly opposes the use of violence, abuse and neglect. Abuse of children must not be made a taboo, ignored or trivialised, either by the political arena or the judiciary or by youth welfare offices, and especially not by society. With your support, we would like to sensitise the general public to the topic of child abuse and help children with specific projects.

Time and again, the Deutscher Kinderverein receives dramatic calls for help from people concerned about abuse of children. For the Deutscher Kinderverein, this is an indication of major uncertainty in Germany when it comes to how to deal with child abuse. In individual cases, the Deutscher Kinderverein offers legal advice with the support of an attorney on issues involving children’s rights. The best interests of the child always have priority.